Missing Genius Mixes in iTunes? Try this.

I’ve been without Genius Mixes in my iTunes library for quite a few months now. At first the Genius Mixes page was simply blank; then, it disappeared from my source sidebar completely. It’s a known bug, and there are all sorts of suggested remedies around the web; I tried all of them, and none worked.

Last night I upgraded to iTunes 9.2 in the hopes that it would finally have the bug fixed; alas, my Genius Mixes were still missing.  However, I decided to give fixing it another shot, and I was able to bring them back.  What I did follows; I have no way of knowing if it was any one of these things that fixed it or the combination is required. Ensure you have a valid backup before doing this; I disclaim all responsibility if you have data loss.

  1. Update to iTunes 9.2, run it once to accept the license agreement and upgrade your library, then close it.
  2. Delete preferences file from ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.itunes.plist.
  3. Move ~/Music/iTunes Music/iTunes Library1 to your Desktop (or any other folder).
  4. Open iTunes; note that your library is now empty.
  5. Close iTunes.
  6. Move your original iTunes Library file from wherever you saved it back into ~/Music/iTunes Music/ (you will probably have to overwrite the empty library iTunes just created).
  7. Open iTunes. Hopefully, Genius will now begin to re-initialize itself; for me, this process took about 2 hours, after which I had my Genius Mixes back.

This has been the only way I’ve found to force iTunes to fully re-initialize Genius; both cycling Genius off and on and deleting the iTunes Library Genius database only causes the Genius data to be re-downloaded from Apple’s servers, not for your library to be re-analyzed. If you’ve been suffering from the same problem, I hope this helps.

  1. Depending on your settings, or if you are on Windows, this might have a file extension of .itl. []