I am quite disappointed in the turn of events surrounding Michael Phelps. I firmly believe that private acts are private for a reason, with a few exceptions (one of which will come in a post later tonight). The fact that this British tabloid has obtained such purchase with American media is outright disgusting to me, and the responses of nearly everyone involved have been even more disgusting.

I was planning on watching Michael swim at his first competition since the Olympics, at the Grand Prix event in Austin in a month. That is now out the window, thanks to USA Swimming’s unbelievable 3-month suspension. (For those curious, Phelps broke no swimming competition rules, which do not restrict the use of marijuana outside of competition.) USA Swimming helpfully lists phone numbers for each of its executives here, and I encourage all of us of like mind to avail ourselves of that resource.

Kellogg’s has also dropped Phelps as a sponsor. I am personally boycotting that company and its subsidiaries (as are a few other prominent people, such as Andrew Sullivan), which really stinks because I inhale every Kashi product known to man — but I’m certain a replacement won’t be that difficult to find.

Seth Meyers covered the story this weekend on Saturday Night Live, and while he didn’t say everything I wish he had, he still hits home.

Weekend Update: Really?!?